Groups That Discuss Controversial Topics
Such as:

  • We Do Not Censor Any Available Newsgroup
  • Adult Binary Groups
  • Adult Text Groups
  • Controversial Newsgroups
  • Hacker Newsgroups
  • Warez and Crackz
  • Music - MP3 Newsgroups
  • Every Fetish and Topic Imaginable

If you use your ISP's news server then the chances are that many newsgroups will be censored or banned all together. ISP's do not want to upset their shareholders or tarnish their reputations through the 'bad publicity' of carrying any controversial newsgroups.

Some Governments also ban categories of newsgroups by legislating against them. We believe in freedom of speech and the right of the individual to choose what he or she views. If you don't like it then don't view it!

While we do not condone the content of many of the newsgroups, we do understand that it is better to keep these postings 'on topic' and not contaminate other groups with these postings. That is why we offer ALL available newsgroups without any form of censorship.

Our News Server is binaries optimized, and carries all adult groups with a very long retention time and more completeness of articles. News Server also carry all available binaries, music / mp3 and warz groups.


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Or our bulk 90 days quarterly plans:

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All this can be yours for as little as $13.95 a month !